Those who are arrogant...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-06-26     Hit : 2,490  

Those who are arrogant and look down on others

I saw people’s heads tied to a large rock.
It was as if they were holding up the rock with their heads.
The bottom of the rock was touching the stomachs of the spirits.
Beneath that rock were more triangle-shaped rocks.
The sharp parts of these rocks were piercing through the stomachs of the spirits.
All the spirits in this place were in that same situation.
With a rock on their heads and their stomachs being stabbed.
These spirits were suspended in the air while suffering from suffocating pain.
These rocks that were connected together began to rattle and slowly move.
The pain and screams increased as these layered rocks moved and collided.
These rocks continued to rotate and move.

The Holy Son said.
“These spirits are those whose arrogance reached the sky, 
regarded their intelligence as the greatest happiness and fruit of their life, 
and dedicated their life to only studying and success.
They looked down upon others based on their own knowledge
and were intellectuals who never accepted the opinions of others.
As a result of that sin, they most suffer in a high place of hell.
The hell is painful regardless of high and low.
Hell is made up of crowds of people 
who search out this world of suffering with their own two feet.”

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