A person who do not or hate...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-05-24     Hit : 2,695  

A person who do not or hate to attend church

This place is a Hell for people who do not or hate to attend church
even if they attended church, they attended church half-heartedly.
People do believe in God but they don't believe perfectly, 
believe while knowing incorrectly, believe without loving God perfectly, 
and believe in self-centered ways. 
As a result, most people live having lost the qualification for going to Heaven.

Why do people go to Hell? 
First, they committed the sin of not believing in God properly. 
Because they did not believe in God properly, 
‘their spirits’ were not saved properly either.
Second, they did not repent for their sins. 
‘The sins of their deeds’ accumulated to the point they went to Hell.
Third, they also enjoyed the world while serving God and the Lord. 
If you do two things until the end, you go to Hell. 
You need to use both legs to go to Heaven. -- you cannot go there with just one leg. 
It is not like you can keep one foot in ‘the world’ and the other in ‘Heaven.’ 
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