The torment of Hell 2
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-02-28     Hit : 2,465  

The torment of Hell 2

Even if a person’s spirit goes to Hell because he did not believe in God, 
his physical body keeps living on earth until he dies. 
Then when the physical body dies, 
the heart, mind, and soul that had belonged to the body 
become united with ‘the spirit,’
which pays the price for every sin in Hell. 
Therefore, it feels as real as if the body went to Hell, 
because even though the physical body died, 
the heart and thoughts went there, united with the ‘spiritual body.’ 
It feels like your body went there, not somebody else’s body.

‘The suffering of Hell’ is like entering a place, [hot] like the sun, 
where a person’s body will be scorched to a crisp even at a mere touch, 
and their body burns continuously without dying.
Hell is a place where not your body but ‘your spirit’ goes to. 
Because the spirit takes with it all of the heart and actions of the body, 
it is just the same as the body itself going to Hell. 
However, since it is the spirit being tormented, 
it feels the pain ten thousand times more than the body would feel it. 
The suffering of one minute is felt like the suffering of a thousand years.
That’s why I’m telling you: 
even if your body may receive the suffering of Hell on earth, 
you should listen to the Lord’s Word and put it to action,
 go to church faithfully, believe in God and the Holy Son, live as a good person, 
love the God, obey the Word, and live doing God’s work.

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