The black water of sin
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-01-31     Hit : 2,548  

The place where the black water of sin flows

I saw a dark cave-like place.
Black water was flowing along the ground.
I kept feeling sick because of the disgusting smell.
Floating in the black water were bodies that were being snapped, cut, and torn ragged.

I told the Lord “Lord~ It’s too dirty. I feel like vomiting.”
The Lord replied.
“Dirty actions beget dirty sins.
Those unwashable sins will make your body and heart diseased while your mind rots 
and pus will come out from the inside making you forget your thoughts.
And then you will continue those evil actions.
In this world, there are many who live by sinning
Pitiful are those humans who do not know that their last days are like this.”

The water flowing along the ground was the ‘black water of sin.’
This was a nauseating sight of hell that I truly did not wish to see again.
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