The spirits of ruin
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-12-31     Hit : 3,340  

The spirits of ruin

Those who went to hell loved God a lot only with their lips.  
They didn't love God in life or stopped loving Him along the way,
they went to hell according to their deeds.
Such became their destinies because they said with their lips that they loved God, 
but they enjoyed ‘the love of the world’ physically.
I went to Hell and saw them. 
They could not even remember what they had done 
or how they had loved in the world. 
They were feeling solely the torment of Hell.
They will end up living like that forever.

People think only about the things of the physical world
and live in the world only as they like. 
Therefore, they lose salvation 
and make their spirits into spirits of ruin without a choice. 
As a result, their spirits will live forever in [the domain of] death.

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