Hell-Suicide 2
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-11-30     Hit : 3,785  

Hell for Those who Commit Suicide 2

There were naked people inside a large barbecue container made of black iron.
They were becoming human barbecue and continuously turning inside the container.
Sores were oozing all over their bodies and a revolting smell caused nausea.
I was so scared and anxiously called out to the Lord.

The Holy Son said.
“If you commit suicide, you will most absolutely end up in hell. 
When they here this, the people of earth will all be shocked.
However, I will say again. Suicide will lead to hell!
Your bodies are not your own. They are God’s and mine.
If you thoughtlessly kill yourself because it is your body, this is murder.
If you believe in me and go to church only to kill yourself, this is not true faith.
Hell is not a place of imagination. Hell exists in reality.
You must never go to hell! If you enter hell, it’s all over. Over!
It is a place where there is nothing that can make something possible.”
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