The low-level spiritual...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-09-30     Hit : 4,002  

The low-level spiritual world in Hell

When you go to a low-level spiritual world, the spirits that live there are like primitives. 
The lower a spiritual world is, the more like a corpse, uglier, and crippled the spirits are. 
They have no light [in them], they go about wearing clothes like a beggar, 
and they look desolate.
When you go to the side of Hell, 
there is not a single spirit that is pretty and good-looking. 
Due to malnutrition, they are left only with bones and skin, they look messy 
because they have not had a hair-cut for as long as three years, and their faces are rotting. 
Their clothes are all tattered, too. 
Also, they are living in dark places, and their houses are like the houses of primitives 
who live under the covering of grass and straw mats.

People think, ‘Even if a person did not believe in God and the Messiah, 
as long as they lived a good life, won’t they go to a good world?’ 
Those are their own thoughts, not the thoughts of the almighty God.
For the good life a person has lived in the world, 
their ‘body’ receives [its reward] in the world. 
If they do not believe in God, 
their goodness has nothing to do with ‘the spirit,’ which is of the spiritual world. 
Disbelief in God itself is ‘unlawful.’ 

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