Those whose Own Perspectives...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-06-29     Hit : 4,009  

Those whose Own Perspectives are Strong/Those who are Disobedient

As I was going through a dark tunnel on the third floor of the underworld, 
I saw a faint glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.
“Is there such light even in Hell?”
I asked myself and walked toward it, following the Lord.
As I approached it and looked, I realized that it wasn’t light. It was burning sulfur.
From afar, the texture of the flames looked like a gooey soup. 
There was a saw-edged waterwheel spinning inside of the flames, 
and fire resembling a whirlwind were swirling 
around the edges of the flames surrounding the waterwheel.
The Lord told me to go closer and look at it, so I went closer and took a look.
It was a huge saw-edged waterwheel that was 5m wide and 12m high.
When people’s bodies were put 
between the sawtooth of the waterwheel that was spinning, 
their bodies came out lacerated 
and chopped like meat being processed for pork cutlets by a machine.
At that moment, I was so shocked and yelled, “Noooo!!!!”
Then the Lord quickly held my hand.
The Lord said, “They are the ones whose own perspectives were strong 
and who were disobedient to me.”
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