Hell is a World of Resentment
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-04-29     Hit : 4,373  

Hell is a World of Resentment

There was a man standing in a dark cave, bound tightly with rope.

 I saw that when people go to hell and experience ‘the suffering of hell’ 
they resent only themselves and curse themselves. 
They do this because while their bodies lived in the world they lived lives of hell 
and that is why their spirits have come to hell. 
This is like when a person burns themselves 
while carrying a bowl of hot water and spills it, 
he curses and resents himself. 
When their spirits go to hell, they only resent themselves and curse themselves. 
Hell was a world of resenting. 

If your spirit is in Hell, 
no matter how much your body enjoyed the pleasures of love, 
honor, wealth, glory, authority, and fame, 
you will not remember any of it due to the suffering your spirit goes through. 
You will feel tormented because you will only feel the pain of your brain and heart 
being stabbed by a knife and seared with scorching fire.
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