A Person Whose Own...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-02-17     Hit : 5,443  

A Person Whose Own Perceptions Are Strong
I ascended to the second underground level and approached the room on the right. 
It was a precipice and there was a long slippery bridge.
It was pitch-black all around and there was a weird smell. 
I crossed the long bridge, which had long fingernails covering both sides of it. 
Once I entered through the gate that was shaped like a monster’s face, 
I heard many people screaming, 
and I saw a satan scraping the interior of a person’s head with its long fingernails. 
Another satan was shoving long and skinny snakes into the head that had been scraped. 
At that moment, I refused to watch any further, so I turned my face away. 
Then the Holy Son spoke to me. 
“Observe carefully and tell people what you see. 
Deliver it to those who have a habit of saying, “My opinion is..., My thought is...” 
You must obey the Word no matter what. 
Only then will you receive a perfect salvation.”
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