The hell that a cult religious...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2016-09-30     Hit : 6,911  

 The hell that a cult religious leader went to
A woman was standing naked,
and a long and thick spear had pierced her vertically from head to toe.
Very thick ice encased the woman’s body. It looked like she was stuck in a iceberg.
With a horrified and very shocked face,
she had her eyes and mouth wide-opened and was trembling.
Her entire body was bleeding.
Six very big beasts that looked like wolves smelled her blood
and surrounded the woman, drooling.
The hair of the beasts were gray, long and thick, their teeth looked fierce,
and their eyes looked mean.
“Lord, I cannot see this. This is so awful. Are they satans? Are they wolves?”

“They are satans. Like beasts who go crazy when they smell blood,
they are the satans who go crazy when they smell human blood.
Since they have smelled that human’s blood, they will tear her up and eat her.”
“Why would that woman receive this kind of suffering?”
“That woman’s physical body is still alive,
but since she was sentenced to death, her spirit is here.
She is a religious cult leader.
Since there is no truth, the Holy Spirit, and love, she is confined in cold ice.
Even though I gave her a chance to repent, she did not repent and ended up here.
A religion without the Messiah is like a dead life,
so in the end, it vanishes just as a dead body decomposes and returns to dirt.
Those who fall into satans’ plot also go to the fire of hell in the end.
The end of ignorance is Hell."
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