Those Who Slander Brothers...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2016-07-12     Hit : 6,200  

Those Who Slander Brothers and Sisters
I saw a high cliff with so many holes in it.
The size of the holes were about the size of a coffin,
with barely enough room for a body.
As such, people's heads were protruding from the holes.
In fact, each hole contained one person lying down with his head sticking out from it.
Then the next thing I knew, the heads were sliced off by a large blade.
Only the heads were severed
and they dropped to the ground, rolling around, scattered all over the place.
The heads were screaming in agony on the ground.
I asked the Holy Son what kind of sin they had committed.
“They slandered and criticized brothers and sisters,
hurt their hearts with harsh words, and hated them.
They were the ones who slandered
without being able to keep their tongues from evil.
They are continually suffering the fear and pain of their bodies' being chopped off.
Although they've reflected upon and regret the sin that they had committed,
there is no escape from this agony.”
Amongst the endless heads that were rolling around on the ground,
worms were squirming about and tiny black bugs were nibbling off the flesh.
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