They fell into the pits of Hell...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2016-06-30     Hit : 6,932  

They fell into the pits of Hell
because they did not perceive what they were doing as sin 2
I saw a woman.
Tiny maggots were squirming around in her eye sockets, and her face was torn off.
At first, her lips were unrecognizable,
but the moment I located them, I was overwhelmed with disgust.
The floor was like a sewer, populated with countless rats
and covered with polluted water. The water was like waste.
The entire cave appeared to be coated with petroleum.
The rats were gnawing at the people there,
and the detached bones and body parts filled the floor.
“Lord, who are these people?”
“These people committed all kinds of filthy and wicked acts.
These are people who lived a life of human trash in the gutter.
Among them, there are also famous entertainers,
and there are many people who lived being caught up
in drinking at bar lounges and sexual pleasures.
With gutter-like acts they had committed,
they are undergoing punishment in the gutter of Hell.
They are people whose spirits have already died.
There is no way for Me to save them.”
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