One who has sinned...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2016-05-29     Hit : 6,269  

One who has sinned with his tongue like a snake
One young man was trapped, naked, behind bars in a place
that looked like a dogpound.
His entire body was covered by snakes,
and even though he tried to get the snakes off of his body,
he couldn't get them off at all.
Numerous snakes hung from the ceiling,
and even the floor was covered with snakes.
The snakes were either eating into his spirit's flesh
or penetrating in and out of his body and eyes.
I asked the Lord, “What kind of sin did he commit?”
The Lord said,
“He is one who has ‘sinned with his tongue’ like a snake.
He will suffer forever.
Without being able to get out of there, his body will soon transform into a snake,
and he will become a parasite along with the other snakes.
He hopes to die, but he will continue to live like this without being able to die.”
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