The heavenly army and angels...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-11-30     Hit : 1,669  

The heavenly army and angels wearing iridescent clothes

There was a stairway stretching upwards,
And at the top of the stairway was an enormous shining door of gold.
In front of that door were angels waiting to open it. 
At the bottom of the stairway were platforms on either side,
On the platforms stood handsome and beautiful angels 
holding large trumpets and waiting to blow them.
On either side of the stairway stood angels dressed formally 
and holding small trumpets. 
The outfits of the angels were iridescent and shined brightly.
The Holy Son explained that the outfits were iridescent 
In order to show ‘the promise of the second coming’ as a sign. 
As I ascended the stairway, it shined so brilliantly that I could not open my eyes.
Such a mystical and wonderful sight made me nervous and excited.
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