Flower wall of Heaven
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-10-31     Hit : 1,583  

Flower wall of Heaven

I arrived at heaven and there was a crimson wall in front of me,
Behind that wall was a beautiful castle in the distance.
The wall was not flat and looked bumpy.
It was extremely large and made me wonder what it was, 
upon going closer I saw that it was not a wall but flowers.
There were mostly red flowers with flowers of various colors here and there.
There were even flowers the size of a house. 
It was a wonderful and magical sight that could not be explained with words.
The scent of flowers riding on the warm winds of heaven was so pleasant.
The Lord told me that in heaven there were flowers of unimaginable sizes 
and diverse colors that could not be seen on Earth.

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