Eagle-shaped castle
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-08-30     Hit : 1,463  

Eagle-shaped castle

I saw a very grand and three-dimensional castle.
It was a castle of harmony with white, gold, and jade green jewels.
The size of the castle was extremely large.
From a bird’s eye view, it was shaped like an eagle spreading its wings.
The Lord said, “This castle is very special.”

Heaven is made up of gold, diamonds, and all kinds of heavenly jewels.
Each individual’s house is built specially for them based on their preferences.
There is a building the size of the Earth made entirely from diamonds.
And there is a enormous ‘jewel mountain’ that is even larger than Mt. Everest.
There are countless ‘jewel roads’ lined with hundreds of different jewels.
The houses are built quite a distance from each other 
so that it takes quite some time to travel to from one to another.
Therefore, the typical feeling of Heaven can be described as majestic.

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