A life of a spirit that is...
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The life of a spirit that is completed as a bride

In Heaven, most angels work as ‘ministers*.’ 
Spirits that transformed into [spirits of bride], raptured, and went to Heaven 
after living with bodies on the earth as ‘brides,’ 
they live lives related to love. 
As completed spirits, they live glorious and free lives at their own place 
while serving the Almighty Holy Son as the Bridegroom and loving Him. 
Just as a completed car travels around freely, 
a life of a spirit that is completed as a bride is different. 
(*Translation note: Minister means a person who serves as in Hebrew 1:14.) 

Even when they go to Heaven, the brides must do the work of life-of-love. 
When the word ‘work’ is mentioned, 
people think of labor that is done on earth. 
But it is not that kind of work. 
The work of the spirits that became bride-spirits, raptured, 
and went to Heaven is ‘work related to love.’ 
They beautify themselves because of love, eat because of love, 
talk because of love, ride around in carriages because of love, 
and go sightseeing because of love. 
In Heaven, the only counterparts of love
 are ‘God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son.’
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