The Heaven of eternal hope
 Writer : HeavenArtist
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The Heaven of eternal hope

God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son--who are Absolute Deities— 
created human beings and Heaven and earth and nature 
so that ‘bodies of human beings’ would make their spirits 
while they live in the world of the body, 
in order for their ‘spirits’ to come and live in the eternal world.
The Holy Trinity created [human beings] 
so that human beings’ bodies would believe in and love the Trinity, 
live righteously obeying Their Word, transform their spirits into spirits of Heaven, 
and come to Heaven.

If a person lives belonging to the heavens, that person will live with joy 
because his/her spirit will go on forever. 
Like choosing the most beautiful and hansome person on the earth 
and living with them your entire lifetime, 
you will live in Heaven forever with that kind of hope and joy.
Joy of Heaven cannot be expressed with words or parables of this world. 
Saying that a poor person won a lottery would be an inadequate parable, 
saying that an insignificant boy in a remote village grew up, became a king, 
and enjoyed all the fame and fortune, honor and love 
also is not an appropriate parable for Heaven’s joy and its eternal nature.  
Because the ‘spirit’ is fundamentally different from the body, 
it feels hundreds of millions of times differently than the body. 
At best, ‘The body’ dies without even being able to travel 
to all the [places on] earth in its lifetime. 
‘The spirit’ can travel to the entire universe and the entire Heavens in just one week. 
Calculations about the spirit cannot be made with mathematics of the world. 
That is why even when the most extreme parable/examples of the world 
is used to talk about the spirit and Heaven, 
it is like using a spring as a parable for the ocean.
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