The home in Heaven
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-03-31     Hit : 2,928  

The home in Heaven

In Heaven there are individual homes. 
Each person has a house according to their merits in the world. 
So people don’t live in other people’s homes. 
Even people who were spouses or children and parents while in the world 
don’t live in the same house in Heaven. 
There are houses built for each person 
according to their merits while living in the world. 
Each person lives in those homes 
and live 100% comfortably without being limited. 
People live in individual homes while visiting each other. 
In Heaven, the houses are separated comfortably. There is plenty of space. 
People live individual lives serving the Holy Son the as their bridegroom 
and also the brides who love the Holy Son live connecting with each other. 

When eating in Heaven, sometimes you cook at home 
and sometimes you are invited and cook and eat together. 
In Heaven there are many official parties and gatherings 
and many days you will eat at those functions. 
In Heaven everyone is busy because each person has work they are in charge of. 
People have their personal time and official time.  

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