The joy of Heaven
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-02-28     Hit : 2,682  

The joy of Heaven

God absolutely take action. He also created Heaven by taking action.
He made Heaven in the way he made the Earth.
On the Earth that He made, 
people build their houses and environment according to their deeds and live there.
In the same way their bodies acted before the Holy Trinity, their spirits form, 
and the place their spirits will live in Heaven gets constructed for them to live in forever.
God creates Heaven; then the houses in Heaven
are constructed according to ‘the deeds of each person’s body.’

Even if you lived a hundred years of a human life, 
making the entire world your own and enjoying it throughout your life in the world, 
it is less than the joy you will have as you enjoy Heaven for one day. 
The joy of Heaven is that tremendous. 
What you enjoy for ten minutes in Heaven 
is like enjoying it for four hundred years in the earthly world.
Also, Heaven is a world of pure gold and gemstones 
that you cannot find in the earthly world. 
Also, it is not the body enjoying it but it is ‘the spirit.’ 
So it is not comparable at all with the body enjoying it in the world. 
‘The spirit’ travels faster than light, so it goes to many more places 
than the body would travel to if it were to live one trillion years on the Earth.
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