The highest level Heaven
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-01-31     Hit : 3,666  

The highest level Heaven

Even if a person is saved to go to the side of Heaven, 
each spirit goes being separated into tens of thousands of tiers 
according to the formation of their spiritual body. 
Therefore, unless you are saved at the highest level, 
God will not treat you at that level.
You have to make your spirit and soul to the highest level, 
then you will become the Trinity’s counterpart of love 
and be able to live at the highest level Heaven. 
The spirits of those who have fulfilled the Creator’s purpose of creation 
will live in the highest level Heaven.
‘Heaven’ that God governs has thousands of levels and tens of thousands of levels. 
In other words, just because it is Heaven, it does not mean that it is all the same.
In Heaven, there is the highest level Heaven. 
This is the top level Heaven where the spirits 
that have transformed into brides go to at the Advent of the Holy Son 
at the time of the Complete Testament. 
At that place, only the spirits that became brides of Heaven 
within the Complete Testament history 
and that raptured into the Trinity’s counterparts of love will live. 
It is a world in which all things are adorned with gemstones and treasures.
Apart from the highest level Heaven, 
the other domains of Heaven are adorned with treasures, but only in part. 

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