The world of perfection
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-12-31     Hit : 3,341  

The world of perfection

Heaven is not busy and does not get crowded. 
Even though there are countless heavenly beings, 
each of them is in their rightful place because there is order there. 
However, no matter where you go, there is no place that is lonely. 
Places where spirits live and places for nature are completely differentiated
Heaven is Heaven because people feel limitlessly according to their levels. 
You must go to Heaven after raising your spirit's level to the highest level 
and after rapturing at the top grade. 
Then you will feel God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son's love 100% 
and feel Heaven's life 100%.  
Your spirit's constitution/type must become completely transformed 
into Heaven's constitution/type through your body. 
Then you will go to Heaven. 

There are the spiritual world of the good, Paradise, and Heaven. 
Heaven is the world of perfection. 
Those who have lived regretful lives 
hence they have not been perfected cannot go to Heaven.
Only those who have lived and acted perfectly, satisfyingly, and fully go to Heaven. 

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