Castle of Love and Rapture
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-08-31     Hit : 3,850  

Castle of Love and Rapture

There was a magnificent and monumental castle of gold.
The very top of the castle was embellished with sculptures 
that were decorated with hearts of love.
The hearts glittered with beautiful twinkling lights.
The Holy Son said that this was ‘the Castle of Love and Rapture.’

The Holy Son said.
“I, the Holy Son, loving you is not a small thing. 
By loving me you gain Heaven in your hearts and also receive Heaven in your spirit. 
Love is energy you need in order to go to Heaven. 
Love plays a critical role when being raptured. 
You become raptured because of love.”

Heaven is a spiritual world that is made as the Holy Trinity want. 
They want those who love the Holy Trinity the most to come and live there. 
Heaven is a ‘world of love.’ 
It is the world of spiritual life that is based on love. 
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