The Heaven where goes...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-08-16     Hit : 3,687  

The Heaven where goes with Love

The Lord deems as the best those who live on earth serving the Lord, 
taking care of him, loving him, and comforting him. 
When they go to Heaven, the spirits of such people go to live in the places 
where they will live serving the Lord just like they did on earth. 

 If you’re going to go to Heaven, you must look at the Lord as your groom, 
becomes the perfect bride, receive the Lord and live with Him. 
You must see the Lord as the treasure of love, 
sell your ultimate possession, which is “Love,” and purchase the Lord. 
The Lord is Heaven. 
You must not give your love anywhere else but invest 100% of it on the Lord. 

The Holy Son said,
“Only those live their lives for me, 
with their whole hearts while on earth can go to Heaven 
and enter the houses that I have prepared for them.”
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