The ultimate work of art...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-07-28     Hit : 3,814  

The ultimate work of art, ‘Heaven’

As for the buildings in the world, they are built with dirt, rocks, and/or trees. 
Even the buildings decorated with gold and gemstones 
are beautified that way only on the surface. 
As for the houses and buildings in Heaven, 
they are built with masses of pure gold and masses of gemstones. 
Heaven is a world [of which buildings] God made many trillion times 
better than the buildings of the world. 
Once you see the things of Heaven, things of the world look really shabby. 
Heaven was constructed using the best treasures of which there is nothing more ideal. 

Things in Heaven are things enjoyed by spirits of people 
who became completely changed as God’s counterparts after they go to Heaven. 
That is why things in the world cannot satisfy. 
They must be things God created. Then there is satisfaction. 
Spirits have standards and intelligence 
that are tens of thousands of times higher than the body. 
That is why God created ‘Heaven’ as the ultimate work of art. 
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