The prayer of heavenly...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-05-22     Hit : 5,035  

The prayer of heavenly soldiers and angels

When I entered the prayer room in Heaven,
a lot of heavenly soldiers and angels were sitting with their backs against the door
and praying in all different positions.
Everyone wore pastel sky-blue linen that glowed softly.
 Male and female angels with long and short hair were praying earnestly.
 I was able to listen a little bit to the contents of their prayers
with the Holy Son’s permission.
-I want to be God’s comforter.
-I want to give more glory to God.
 -I want to give more joy to the Holy Son.
 -I pray that Heaven will become more splendid through God’s law.
 -I pray that I can serve the Holy Son even better being like-minded.
 -I pray that I can become a person who always catches God’s eyes.
It seemed like everyone was praying
according to his or her individual interest and mission.
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