A Ship with Wings
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-03-01     Hit : 4,406  

A Ship with Wings

I saw a ship in the vast ocean.
The entire ship was white and it looked like a cruise ship. 
The top portion was the deck 
and beneath it was enclosed space, though there were many windows. 
Inside the ship, there was a ballroom where people could hold meetings, 
and there were also athletic facilities for sports, such as golf and table tennis. 
This beautiful ship could go about freely to any destination. 

“It’s surprising that there are planes and ships in Heaven, 
even though everyone can teleport here.”
When I said this to the Holy Son, He replied,
“This ship is able to fly in the sky as well as sail on the sea.”
At that moment, I saw the wings unfold from the bottom of the ship. 
It was so amazing.  
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