The Flowers That Look Like Tulips in Heaven
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-02-17     Hit : 4,842  

The Flowers That Look Like Tulips in Heaven
There was a golden lawn in front of a building in Heaven.
The size of the lawn was incomparable with those I’ve seen in the world.
The flowers were also extremely large.
I was mesmerized by the flowers because they were so pretty. 
Then the Holy Son picked one and gave it to me, 
but from the very spot he had removed the flower, 
a new one immediately blossomed.
The flower carried a sweet fragrance like that of mandarin oranges. 
Its sweet aroma permeated the air to the point that I wanted to eat it.
Interestingly, the petals of the flower were moving and alive.
It resembled a tulip, yet very different from the ones on Earth.
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