The hot air balloon...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2016-11-26     Hit : 5,097  

The hot air balloon above the sea in Heaven

A big hot air balloon was afloat above the extensively wide sea.
The exterior was in the shape of an Arabian palace roof
and was sparkling with the glow of rainbow colors.
The basket underneath was made of gold,
and the balloon and the basket were connected by seven ropes.
Each rope shone brilliantly and emitted a soft glow.
The hot air balloon was hovering immediately above the sea
as if it were about to graze the water's surface.
The seawater was so clean and clear
that I could distinctly see the big fish contained within it,
and there were many giant dolphins that were white and pale yellow.
They were jumping really high out of the sea.
The Lord was standing in the basket, holding a long and thin golden wand
that was approximately one meter long.
When He drew a circle twice in mid air above the sea,
I could smell a lovely flowery aroma.
And when He drew a circle twice in mid air to the left, from afar,
angels came, riding on individual boats that were heart-shaped gems.
They functioned as boats, but resembled lotus blossoms floating on a pond,
and the approaching angels looked as if they were riding on heart-shaped pillows.
The angels appeared to be ‘The Lord’s choir,
and the sight of them praising under the Lord’s conducting was so beautiful.
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