Heaven’s Castle of...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2016-11-01     Hit : 5,198  

Heaven’s Castle of the Righteous

I saw a beautiful and enormous palace.
At the top of the palace were conical light yellow rooftops.
Three layers of circular gemstone marbles
adorned the area immediately beneath the pointed roofs.
The building itself was entirely white
and seemed to be comprised of seven palace buildings.
Outside the palace, young angels were wearing sky blue robes
and blowing round trumpets, exclaiming, “Rejoice!” and “Give thanks!”
They were declaring that this was Heaven’s castle of the righteous.
The Holy Son spoke:
“Heaven is a world of righteous merit.
What kind of wealth and fame a person had lived with on Earth is not important.
According to how much a person had lived for the Lord,
their entitlement to come to Heaven
and how they will be treated in Heaven are determined.
The righteousness that they had acquired on the Earth determines their life in Heaven.
Even if a person was famous while on Earth,
it is important whether that person had lived for other people or for Me.
If they had lived for people, they could become famous, gain wealth and glory,
and be well-off in a high position on the Earth.
However, if they had worked for me, the Holy Son,
and run the business of saving human lives together with Me, then they would live,
being treated like someone who possesses the greatest wealth and fame
at the highest position in Heaven eternally.”
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