The Golden Light Castle
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2016-09-30     Hit : 5,775  

A field trip to a castle in Heaven (The Golden Light Castle)

I saw a hill that was covered with grass, and at the top of the hill was a castle
that was very majestic and had a brilliant gold gleam.
The shape of the castle appeared to be several crowns that were erected
and overlapping with each other.
The color of the crown-shaped castles was smooth gold,
and the middle of each castle was a blue and shiny gemstone.
On both sides of the blue gemstone,
there were three gemstones that were embedded.
Behind the castle, I could see a mountain that sparkled with silver.
The curve of the mountain was beautiful, and the mountain looked thin and flat.
The outline of it seemed to have a blue shade to it,
but overall, it shone brilliantly with silver gleam.
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