The Choir of Baby Angels
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2016-07-12     Hit : 7,133  

The Choir of Baby Angels

I saw a long triangular building emitting a dazzling hue of blue.
Surrounding the building was a skyblue-colored lawn,
and on that lawn were 100 young angels.
They were positioned concentrically in the shape of a fan, ten angels per unit.
The angels appeared to be three to five years old
and were all dressed in long skyblue dresses with half-sleeves.
Looking at them, the Holy Son said,
“These angels are the ones in charge of delighting others.
They are also young members of a choir.
A total of 100 angels have gathered here.
Of course, a countless number of baby angels can sing praises.
However, you'll be able to understand better if you think
that the ones gathered here are the representatives of all the singing angels.
The baby angels here form My professional choir
that writes and composes praise songs only about My advent.”
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