The Castle of Love
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2016-06-17     Hit : 6,940  

The Castle of Love

There was a very grand and huge castle on a hill of clouds.
It was in the shape of a crown.
The color of the castle was a beautiful red like ruby.
On top of the central part of the crown was a dazzling gigantic diamond
that emitted a shining, bright blue light.
Outside of the castle, there were countless small castles protruding around,
and the castles were all adorned with countless kinds of jewels
that displayed the five cardinal colors.
I asked the Holy Son what kind of castle this was.
The Holy Son said,
“This castle is ‘the Castle of Love.’ ‘Love’ is the core of this castle.
Likewise, the core of this castle is that diamond.
I want many people to be able to enter this castle.”
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