The clothes of change, ‘Repentance’
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<The clothes of change, ‘Repentance’>

When the clock hit twelve at night, I took a cold shower and knelt down to pray. 
I washed up my whole body, and when I closed my eyes to pray, voila, the problem surfaced right away. 
As I was trying to go into prayer, it was so obvious and bothersome that I could not get into prayer. 
Before I began praying, it was unnoticeable, but once I started praying, it became clear.
This was a revelation given to me. Do you want to know what the reason was?  
I had not brushed my teeth. I was so stricken in my conscience. 
Because that tiny bit was left [unclean], I felt uneasy. It was striking. 
Compared to the whole body, teeth are like the tip of an iceberg. 
Yet, when I was trying to pray I could not 
because immediately [after I began to pray] that mistake glared at me. 
I had prick in my conscience before God and the Lord pointed it out to me,
I got up again, brushed my teeth and sat back. Then, I could pray. 
We must be clean both in the mind and the body. 
It is a revelation the Lord gave me to tell us 
that if we have even a tiny speck of sin, we have to repent for it to connect with the Lord 
and be free from a sense of guilt. 

Revelation 19:7~8 defines, “Clean linen stands for righteous deeds.” 
[We] must be wearing the clean clothes of deeds. 
We get to put on fine linen, bright and clean, 
when we live our lives with faith in God, doing good and righteous acts. 
If you sin and leave it unresolved, it does not fade away even after a long period of time. 
Sin is removed only when you repent. If you repent, it is erased clean. 
[God] allows those who take righteous actions and sincerely repent to put on clean clothes. 
The spirits of those who do not repent go around in dirty clothes. 
God is a clean Being. Therefore, first of all, [you] must be clean. 
You have to repent for your sins and truly admit your wrongs to God, 
then He will hear it and through the proper steps, forgive you.
It must be done in real action in order for your sins to be absolved and for you to be forgiven.

A while ago, I asked to the Lord in a predawn hour, 
“Lord, will there be anyone who will claim that he has gone to hell 
because he repented but You did not forgive him?” 
The Lord said in reply, 
“When you repent, I have forgiven to the end the sins that you human beings have committed. 
So that no one will go to hell because I did not forgive him when he repented, 
as long as you repented I have forgiven you to the end. I have forgiven everyone who has repented.”
You would not know how drastically it defines the fate of your spirit when you do not repent. 
Satan holds a list in his hand of those who sinned and have not earnestly repented; 
when he sees them, he recognizes them right away. 
Eventually, they fall under Satan’s control because of those sins.
If you want to go to heaven, you ought to repent, love the Lord only. 

Your work clothes do not catch your attention in the work place, 
but if you go to a clean place in those same clothes, the differences become obvious. 
Likewise, when you are in the world, even if you have sins, you pass undetected. 
When you stand before God, however, all your sins become clearly visible.
In going to heaven, repenting sin is a must. 
When you repent, the Lord forgives to the end. 
He forgives because He loves [you]. He forgives because He wants to take you to heaven. 
If you don’t repent, the Lord won’t forgive forever. 

In order for our spirits to enter the heavens, we must transform into the heavenly bodies. 
As a caterpillar changes into a butterfly; as human genes transform into a human being that is born; 
as clay becomes porcelain when kneaded, shaped, and baked in 1,200 degree furnace; 
and as mixed iron is purified to come out as pure gold when placed inside a 3,000 degree crucible; 
we must change from a wicked person to a good person. 
Unless we are changed, we cannot go to heaven. 
We must be transformed by hearing the Word and exactly putting it into action. 
We must be changed by repenting, by receiving the Holy Spirit, 
and by continuing to listen to the revelations of the Lord and putting them into action! 

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