Make rules!
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<Make rules!>

People live working hard their entire lives in order to fill ‘their heads.’
Moreover, people live working hard their entire lives to fulfill ‘what their hearts and thoughts want.’ 
However, no matter how much people fill their heads and live filling what their hearts and thoughts want, 
there is no ‘satisfaction’ for people’s brains, thoughts, and psychology/mentality/state of mind. 
Everything is thus. 
It is the case with eating. 
If each person is given one [piece of] bread as a snack, 
they say, “I really wish I could eat two. I will be satisfied then.” 
So, if they were given two, then they still won’t be satisfied and say, 
“If I ate three, I would be full and it would be great.” 
This is the case with money, too. Even if you earn more, there is no satisfaction. 
At first, you might say, 
“I wish I could make this much. Then I’ll be satisfied and won’t want anything more.” 
But then once you make that much, you say, “I will be satisfied only when I make more.” 
This is also the case with your house. 
At first you say, “If I just had my own space, I’d be satisfied. 
Even if it’s small, if I could just have my own house, I’d be satisfied.” 
And then once you have your own space, and get your own house even if it’s small, 
you still won’t be satisfied, and say, “I will be satisfied if it’s a bigger house.” 
And then later, you say, “I’ll be satisfied if my house was like a palace. 
I’m envious of the people who live in houses that are like palaces.” 
People’s hearts and psychology are like this. 
In order to fill their heads and fill what they want, 
people live making all kinds of efforts and putting in hard work. 
However, even after they fill those things, they still won’t be satisfied at that point. 
Therefore, people need to live setting a ‘limit.’ 
Once they reach their limit, they should say “I’m satisfied,” and live sticking with it.  
In other words, you should be the one setting ‘rules’ [in your life] and live [that way]. 
You should live according to those rules, and be satisfied about it. Then you will be full of joy. 

Whether the wake-up time is 6 a.m., 5 a.m., 4 a.m., or 3 a.m., 
people are not satisfied with [how much they slept]. They want to sleep more. 
They really want to sleep even just for 5 more minutes, 10 more minutes, or 20 more minutes. 
Regardless of what time people set their wake-up time as, 
people’s psychology is such that they want to sleep a little more, and be more comfortable. 
Even if you sleep until 8 a.m., once you get up at 8 o’clock, 
you want to sleep 5 minutes more, 10 minutes more, or 20 minutes more. 
And then when someone wakes you up, or an alarm rings, 
you say, “Let me sleep just for 5 more minutes and then get up,” right? 
That is why I am telling you to set ‘rules’ from the beginning. 
This is because you will want to do things according to the rules you have set. 

People live with ‘two types of satisfaction.’
First, they live with the ‘satisfaction of doing more to prosper,’ 
and second, they live with the ‘satisfaction of doing less to be comfortable.’
There is no end to doing more, and there is no end to doing less either.
There is no end if you try to live only comfortably while filling your head.
Even if you continue to fill it, there is no satisfaction in life of ‘filling your head.’ 
Everyone, I hope that you realize your ‘psychology, heart, and thoughts,’ and control them!

Even people who live for the world and live for physical things, 
they live continuously working hard and making effort 
in order to fill ‘their heads’ with more, more, and more, 
and in order to fulfill what their hearts and thoughts want. 
However, the size of a human head is like, from God’s point of view, 
‘the size of a cap part of an acorn,’ and it is like ‘the size of a coffee cup.’ 
People try to fill ‘their heads’ throughout their entire lives, 
but they eventually die without being able to fill such small heads. 
The process of filling your head throughout your entire life is like this. 
A person who was sleeping until 4 a.m. now sleeps until 5 a.m. according to his wishes, 
but then he is not satisfied with that, so he sleeps until 6 a.m. 
Again, he is not satisfied, so he sleeps until 7 a.m., but he still wants to sleep more, 
so he sleeps until 8 a.m., and then 9 a.m. 
And then he becomes 90 years old and dies. In the end, ‘nothing’ remains. 
I hope that you wish to fill [yourself] with ‘God’s head’ for eternal things. 
I hope you will do more of that. 
Then [things] will remain forever, and you will enjoy eternal love and joy! 

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