The first love
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<The first love>

The Holy Son told me, “If you lose your hot first love, you will lose the person you love. 
You must find your ‘first love’ again in a fiery way. 
Then you will take back the person you love.” He said.   
He then spoke again and said, 
“Even for the people who married out of love for each other, their ‘first love’ becomes cold.
In the world of faith too, ‘the first love’ between people and Me, the Holy Son, will also become cold.”

I will tell you about why first love becomes cold.
People’s psychology is such that when something they have wanted comes true, initially they go crazy, 
their brains are so excited that they are consumed by it and rejoice without even sleeping or eating. 
However, that fiery heart that was delighted and loving [at first], 
will gradually cool down and the heart they had at first disappears.
People so want to gain ‘good environments,’ so want to receive ‘a mission,’
so want to meet a ‘a person they love,’ so want to obtain ‘a good house,’ and so want to buy ‘good clothes.’
However, when the things they have so desperately wanted and desired come true 
and they live enjoying it for a little while, because life is a repetition of everyday life, 
in the course of continually using them, even new things become old things.
Therefore, because they already used it and experienced it, the curiosity disappears, 
desire disappears, hope disappears, and boredom sets in. 
Also, because their brain level is low, things they valued before look average to them, 
and they will not do even the things they wanted to do [in the past].
In this way, their initial heart of liking them and loving them grows cold 
and they consider them to be unimpressive. 
In that way, ‘the love they had at first’ grows cold in the body, the heart, and the thoughts.

Even toward the omniscient and omnipotent God, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Son, 
people love Them like fire at first 
and swear as if they will love Them for their entire lifetime without growing cold. 
However, when time passes, even the people who were like 
that grow cold in their hearts, thoughts, and actions that were once blazing hot, 
they lose desire, lose interest, and their hope in life also becomes extremely weak.
Because their first love grows cold, they end up living lives of faith with difficulty. 
Unless the fire of the first love burns hot, you cannot live with hope and joy.  
The Holy Son said, “When wood is completely burned up, the fire goes out. 
You must keep putting more and more wood on the fire. Then it will not go out. [Isn't that so?]
The same is true with ‘the love between you and Me, the Holy Son.’ 
There are hundreds of ways to love.
By praying and conversing with the Holy Son, you, who are My counterparts of love, 
must continually gain new things and love Me in a variety of ways. 
Then with the ‘first love’ as the basis, the ‘fire of love’ will [keep burning and] not go out.” He said.  
You must find new things. Then the ‘fire of the first love’ will get ignited. 
‘The fire of the first love’ must not go out. Then new things will constantly be given.
The Almighty God and the Holy Son have limitless possessions.
They said that they have hundreds of types of things to give us.
Our ‘fire of first love’ must not go out and we must do things constantly and until the end. 
Then They will give.

The Holy Son said.
“Fire will catch on wood that is new.
In this way, you must regain the ‘first love’ that was taken away and lost. 
Then your heart will burn intensely. 
And since your heart is burning, your actions will also burn. As a result, you will regain Me, the Holy Son.
All of you should set fire to the ‘fire of the first love.’ 
If the ‘fire of the first love’ does not catch fire, 
you cannot do it because it is hard for you, you cannot do it because you have no hope, 
and you cannot do it because it will be boring and tiresome.
If the first love grows cold, even if you do meet, there is nothing to say,
and there will be no desire to love either.
The same course you always took is boring and tiresome.
You must find new things. If you find a new thing, the ‘fire of the first love’ will catch fire. 
I will give you new things. So pray. Ask earnestly. Seek. If you do, you will get it.
I love you. So, let’s find the first love with Me, the Holy Son, again and let’s make it burn!
Heart, mind, and thoughts is the ‘fire.’
Raise your heart, mind, and thoughts powerfully!
By doing so, also raise your actions powerfully!
I am the Holy Son who sets the fire of the first love.”

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