[In] Life, if you miscalculate, it is a different world.
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<[In] Life, if you miscalculate, it is a different world.>

If you calculate incorrectly when doing business, 
you will incur a lot of losses and as a result, either fail at business or go bankrupt. 
A certain person calculated incorrectly thinking his business was going to do well and with hope, 
invested all of his wealth.
However, the reality was different than what he had hoped. 
Ultimately, he blew all of his wealth and failed. This means that he calculated incorrectly.
In this way, your faith, your life of living, and youth too, you must live while calculating them well. 
Then you absolutely will not fail.
If you take action with correct calculations, 
you will go on gaining abundantly as much as you have worked hard. 
The Holy Son said: “If you calculate incorrectly, it will be a different world. 
If you think incorrectly, it will be a different world.”
Just as a person who is selling and buying merchandise will incur losses if he miscalculates, 
if you miscalculate in life, you will incur losses and you will end up living in a different world.
The Pharisees at Jesus’ time miscalculated life. 
Even though Jesus the Messiah personally gave the Word to them,
they said it was wrong and argued while interpreting the Bible according to their own calculations. 
Ultimately, while rejecting and persecuting Jesus, they even killed him. 
And their spirits also ended up receiving eternal judgment. 
Judas Iscariot sold Jesus the Messiah [and handed him] over because he miscalculated. 
As a result, he sent his own spirit to the eternal Hell.
The people at Jesus’ time who miscalculated and thus called Jesus a heretic, persecuted him, 
and slandered him, did not receive salvation of the time period. 
Their spirits became spirits that disappeared into the eternal darkness.

Let’s say that you sold one truckload of merchandise. 
You should have received 80 million won for each truckload but sold it for only 40 million won. 
(* 80 million appx $80,000; 40 million appx $40,000.)
You had miscalculated your own merchandise. 
If later on, you discover that you miscalculated, you would run back and get back the difference. 
In the same way, if you know it now, then you must take action on your life with correct calculations. 
Then your hard work will not be in vain. 
You must calculate correctly in faith too. 
People usually think, “Even if I do not believe in God or believe in the Messiah, 
I will probably go to a good world as long as I am good and live in a good way.” 
They live with a miscalculation and misperception.
They are like people who spent their entire lifetime making merchandise and sold ten truckloads, 
but ended up selling their merchandise for only 10 million won 
when they should have sold it for 1 billion won. 
(10 million won= appx $10,000; 1 billion won = appx $1 million.)

There are many, many people on the earth who live with miscalculations about life. 
People do not know just how much loss they live with in their daily lives filled with false hopes 
because they miscalculated. 
You are incurring terrible losses because you are living not doing things you should be doing 
because you thought, perceived, and calculated incorrectly.
You must first pray to the Lord 
and ask [Him] to calculate for you according to the Holy Spirit’s Will as you take action. 
Do not just listen to what others teach and say, “That is right.” Instead, you must ask God. 
You must pray asking God to calculate it for you and see whether that is right or not. 
If someone suggests a method with incorrect calculations, 
you absolutely must not take action on that. 

The Holy Son said, 
“Do not incur losses and fail by miscalculating based on looking at just physical things. 
If you want to live every day not incurring losses but succeeding and benefiting, 
learn from Me, the Holy Son, and live calculating well.”
You must always calculate well in regards to issues of life and then take action on them. 
A person who calculates well is a person whose ‘brain’ is at the upper level. 
The person who lives with correct calculations about ‘How should life be lived for it to be beneficial? 
And [what will cause me] loss?’ is the person whose brain is good, thoughts are high, and has high IQ.
You must live doing ‘earthly calculations and heavenly calculations’ well.
In order to succeed in life, you need ‘diligence, effort, and calculations.’
When it comes to ‘living life,’ every day you must calculate well and take action. 

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