You must pray. Then what you wish for will come true.
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<You must pray. Then what you wish for will come true.>

‘Prayer’ is talking to the Holy trinity in the name of the Lord. 
Among what you have prayed for, only what is proper reaches God. 
When you pray, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son consider it, and if it is proper, 
They set a time and hour and prepare a helper,
and then send them to help you and let your prayer be fulfilled. 
Whether it is something that applies to you or to others, 
God grants it only when you pray. It is because that is God’s law. 
So God fulfills it for you absolutely only if you pray. 
Just as crops do not grow without the seeds being sown, things do not happen unless you pray.

Even when you pray, you must not pray only from your own position
and you must not stop after praying briefly. 
When praying, you have to pray eagerly, earnestly, and sincerely 
and you have to pray until the end.
After praying that way, you must not get discouraged but you should call on the Lord fervently, 
love Him, zealously carry out the work the Lord entrusted [to you], 
and wait while conversing with Him through prayer.
In Matthew 7:7 it says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; 
knock and the door will be opened to you.” 
It is a law that says that you will be given if you pray and if it is appropriate. 
You must absolutely believe in these Words and pray. 

When you pray, you need to be alert and keep making words 
that are a continuation of what you said previously and you need to connect the two. 
As you continue to speak in that way, you should speak clearly in front of the Lord, the Almighty King. 
Then, you will not feel sleepy because no crack will be created 
and you will not have distracting thoughts in the brain.
If you pray, things that do not usually come to mind will come to mind clearly 
and spiritual things will occur to you. 
Therefore, you come to do things receiving strength to take action and ideas. 
If you pray, all of your ‘body,’ ‘heart,’ ‘brain,’ ‘soul,’ and ‘spirit’ experience changes. 
You must pray, then Satan cannot tempt you, 
and even if wicked people tempt you, your heart will not be tugged.
You must pray, then you can realize deeply when you hear the Word.
You must pray, then your destiny will drastically change for the better.
You must pray, then you will live even through a deadly crisis.
You will certainly gain as much as you pray. 
You must pray. Then what you wish for will come true.
Prayer is a law of the Trinity. Therefore, you must pray, then [the Trinity] will grant it.
Just as a farmer must sow seeds in the field in order for crops to grow, 
you must sow the seeds called ‘prayer’ before God. Then He will give you a reward for that.

The answer to prayer comes in a variety of ways. 
Sometimes an answer comes through the heart, saying, “Do not worry”; 
sometimes the heart is moved and becomes at ease; sometimes [God] shows it through a dream; 
and sometimes [God] gives a revelation through people or nature as well.
If we do not pray, our body, brain, heart, soul and spirit all do not have strength. 
Thus, we cannot do things with our own strength. 
That is why we are urged to do things after praying and receiving strength
from the Almighty God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son. 
You must pray, then you will realize properly when you hear the Word of the Almighty Holy Son also.
You must pray, then God, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Son will accompany you helping you 
and they will resolve your problems for you.
You must pray, then it will be beneficial in all circumstances.
You must pray, then you will become united with the Holy Son and live loving Him. 
You must pray, then you will realize and know your sins. 
If you pray, the Holy Son will give you another chance and allow you to take action. 

Prayer is a conversation with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son. 
Those who do not pray are spiritually mute. 
You must pray. Then a spiritual inspiration will flash by, you will receive revelations through nature, 
and you will realize like lightning and take action. 
Prayer is the greatest energy for the spirit and body!

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