It Is to Make the Heart!
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<It Is to Make the Heart!>

God, with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Son, made ‘human beings’ according to His image and likeness. 
So the structure and image of human beings are beautiful, both male and female. 
But [their] ‘hearts, minds, thoughts, and characters’ are not perfect but ever-changing. 
Because of their ‘imperfect hearts, minds, thoughts, and characters’ 
they get angry easily, quickly lose their temper, and explode in fury. 
As a result, all kinds of accidental situations such as hatred, fights, murders, wars, etc. happen. 
Also, because of [their] ‘hearts, minds, thoughts, and characters’ 
there are always accidents and ultimately people even go to Hell.

‘A perfect heart’ is truly important. 
‘The heart’ is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. 
It is because with the heart, one can do ‘good’ and do ‘evil’ also.
‘The heart’ is thinking in the brain.
There is ‘your heart’ which is thinking on your own, 
there is ‘the heart of Satan’ which is thinking under the influence of Satan, 
there is ‘the heart of a human being which is thinking according to what people say, 
and, there is ‘the heart of God’ that God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son gave. 
A person must be united with the Trinity then they can have the heart of God. 

A heart that is made and a heart that is not made are as different as heaven and earth.
If you live without making [your] heart, 
you will live swaying this way and that way as the wind blows like a reed.
One’s destiny is determined by how good their heart is.
As for the physical body, whoever it may be, everyone has it. 
But as for a perfect heart, not everyone has it.
The body of human beings is created only as the basic. 
Therefore, the heart of human beings is not perfect. 
As for ‘the heart,’ each human being must make it 
into the heart of the Holy trinity by doing their responsibility. 
When [they] make and re-create [their] hearts in this way, 
[they] are made completely and perfectly. 
When you remove other metals from gold, it becomes pure gold. 
From the heart also, it is to remove the human heart, evil, and contradictions 
and to live instilling the hearts of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son 100%.
If you use your body with a heart that is made, 
it will be as good and ideal as making a tool and using it. 
Those who do not make their heart and just use it in its original state, 
are like someone who uses [pieces of] iron as a sickle, hoe, or shovel. 
That is why it is hard, inconvenient, and inefficient.

Human beings live with the heart. 
Therefore, you should live while making your heart into the heart of the Deity, 
in other words, the hearts of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son absolutely.
Depending on whose heart you follow [as the model] in making [your heart,]
‘the value’ as well as ‘the use’ are determined.
Unless you live while [your] heart is united with the hearts of God the Almighty, 
the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son, it is a worthless life.
It is to make your heart perfect by being united with the Almighty Trinity, 
to have your body take action perfectly with that perfect heart, 
and consequently, to make your spirit perfect. 
If the heart of a human being is used after being made, it is 100 times easier and 1000 times more ideal.

A heart that is perfectly made re-creates ‘the spirit that is eternal.’
If you make your heart, thoughts, and mind perfect, 
you become a human being that has reached the level of the Deity.
If you make [your] heart on your own, it is a heart of the human domain.
It is to make your heart with the Word of the Holy Son and take action!
The heart determines the fate of the body, the soul, and the spirit.
It is to make the heart!!
It is to make [yourself] perfect with the truth and love of the Holy Son!!

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