The the Holy Trinity are satisfied and Happy when you ...
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<The the Holy Trinity are satisfied and Happy 
when you acknowledge and testify about what They have done.>

Before I begin praying, I always confess to ‘the things that God has done.’ 
“I give thanks and glory to You, Holy Trinity, who created the majestic and great Universe, 
who created the marvelous Solar System, and who created the Earth 
as the planet of the living to be the most beautiful planet in the Universe so that people can live. 
I thank You for creating the ‘physical body’ of human beings, 
which is the most beautiful and precious creation out of all the creations in the Universe, 
and for creating it in the image and likeness of the Holy Trinity, 
and I thank You for letting us live on this beautiful Earth. 
I also thank You for creating the human ‘spirit’ according to the image and likeness of the Holy Trinity, 
and for enabling us to live believing in and loving God, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit according to Your Will 
so that we could receive salvation and live in Heaven. 
Just as You created the stars to fill the Universe completely, 
and just as You created nations to fill the entire Earth, in the heavenly spiritual world, 
You also created thousands of trillions of places for spirits, which are as big as the Earth, 
and You completely filled the spiritual world with them. 
I confess that You are the Holy Trinity who is almighty and all-knowing.” 

When I confessed these things [to the Holy Son] after having realized them, 
the Holy Son said, “That is right,” and He expressed His gladness. 
And He asked me a question.  
“How did you know about all those worlds without seeing them?”
“Upon seeing the tremendous Universe, I have realized
that God created the world He dwells in to be more tremendous than the world that human beings live in 
and that God created it to be at least [as great] as the Universe, the physical world.”
“Realize about the invisible things through visible things. 
Realize what the spirit is like through seeing the body. 
Realize what the invisible spiritual world is like through seeing the physical world.”
“Lord, the Earth has become one world through the combining of different nations. 
Was Heaven formed through the combining of spiritual worlds as big as this Earth each, 
just like the universe of stars?”
“That is correct. The spiritual world is much more beautiful and more glorious. 
Also, the spirit is much bigger, more beautiful, and more glorious than the body. 
Realize about the magnified invisible world through the miniaturized visible world.”
Then I confessed to the Holy Trinity again. I confessed saying, 
“You are the Holy Trinity who rules over Hell, the Abyss, Hades, satans and evil spirits,
without missing any one of them. 
You don’t just send them to Hell and leave them alone, but You, God the Almighty, rule over them forever. 
If You did not rule over them, we would always be worried 
even if our spirits receive salvation and go to Heaven.”
At this, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son all answered, “That is right.” 

The Holy Son said, 
“The earthly world has become one world through the gathering of each nation. 
But the world of spirits has become one great world of God 
through the gathering of each realm of the spiritual world.”
If you look at the things in heaven after being used to seeing the things of the world, 
you become incredibly amazed. 
Even if you were to just go around God’s throne once, 
it would take your entire life according to a human being’s sense of time. 
I asked the Holy Son, “One building in Heaven is larger than the Earth. 
How can people use all of those buildings that are so big?” 
The Holy Son answered,  “The spirit is faster than light. In the spiritual world, you travel in spirit. 
So then how many seconds do you think it will take to move from place to another? 
The spiritual world had to be made in a way that is fitting for the spirit to use. 
So if you compare it to things of the earthly world, you cannot believe it, 
and even if I explain it to you, you won’t be able to understand.”

“God, You made a house, that is, the Earth, for human beings to live on, 
and You have also made our body, so we are living like this; 
but people never offer words of thanksgiving to You, God, not even once, throughout their entire life. 
They just use what belongs to You to their hearts’ content and then they die. 
[God,] You must feel empty and sad about that, right? 
[I,] who have realized this, give you thanks on [their] behalf, 
and I worship You as I bow before You in my heart.”     
And then I prayed, sincerely asking, 
“When the people of the world come before  God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son like this, 
what must we do in order to satisfy You and please You?”
At that time, God spoke. 
“When you acknowledge what I, Jehovah, have done, 
and when you testify to everyone about what I have done, I am satisfied and happy.”

We need to acknowledge and appreciate the fact 
that the Holy Trinity has created the Universe and all of creation, as well as the spiritual world. 
Also, since They have done so much for us, human beings, we need to acknowledge that fact, too. 
Then we will be able to connect with the Holy Trinity right away. 
The Almighty has carried [things] out for us lowly and insignificant human beings.
Between people, between brothers, or between parents as well, 
the [other person] is happiest when we acknowledge and appreciate 
what they have done and when we treat them accordingly. 
The Holy Trinity have done hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of things
for individuals, families, nations, and the world.  
You need to acknowledge what the Holy Trinity has done. 
Then God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son will also do more for you. 

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