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<The very first thing human beings must do upon being born into the world>

After [being born] into this world, human beings truly have so many things to do 
in order to exist and in order to live life. 
While we complete those tasks, we find ourselves as busy 
as if we were traveling to a faraway destination on a train. 
Then, before we know it, our youth passes 
and our middle age and senior years draw nearer and faster each moment. 
Our life is this busy but we must find out 
‘What is the very first thing human beings must do upon being born into this world?’ 

God created all things of the universe, 
and He created a planet that is more beautiful than any other planets of the universe. 
It is the most precious and beautiful planet in the universe, and it’s like Heaven. 
That planet is none other than ‘the Earth.’ 
From a scientific perspective, 
the time that it takes to go from one end of the universe to the other [when traveling] 
at the speed of light is fifteen billion years. 
That’s how big the universe is. 
God made ‘the Earth’ to be the only place for life to exist. 
He also created the Earth to be the only place for human beings to live. 
Again, among the countless organisms on the Earth, 
He made the ‘body of a human being’ to be the only thing that’s in the image and likeness of God. 
Furthermore, He created the ‘spirit of a human being’ to be the only thing 
that has the divine image and likeness of God. 

Human beings start as human beings in the beginning and end as human beings. 
Animals start as animals in the beginning, and they end as animals, even after ten billion years. 
Animals only have a mind and a soul, but they don’t have a ‘spirit.’ 
Thus, they cannot become human beings. 
Since they don’t have a spirit, they are not the object of God’s salvation. 
The animals in Heaven are not the spirits of the animals on earth. 
It’s not that they have gone up to Heaven through receiving salvation. 
The animals in Heaven are separately created in Heaven. 

The ‘image and likeness’ of human beings do not change into that of animals. 
However, at times, their ‘thoughts’ change into the likeness of animals and drop to the level of animals. 
They are human beings, but if they don’t have realizations, they are no different from animals. 
As for animals, their image and likeness do not change into that of a human being, 
nor can their mind and thoughts elevate to the level of a human being’s. 
This is because the Creator God has set a limit. 
If human beings believe in and unite with the Creator God, He gives them wisdom,
so they can reach the divine level. God works upon them to enable them to do it. 
Not only that, human beings’ spirits can even go to Heaven. 
Using the Earth as its foundation, the ‘body’ lives interacting with creation. 
As for the ‘spirit,’ it lives interacting with the body 
while also interacting with the Creator God, who is a spirit. 
This is how He has created human beings to live.   

Upon being born into the world, there are many things that we, 
human beings must do to sustain our lives, 
but there is one thing that is the most important. 
It is receiving salvation in the spirit and body through believing in the Creator God and the Lord, 
and living receiving the blessings that God gives. 
‘Living achieving salvation,’ which is the Will of God, 
is the very first thing that a human being must do as a human being after being born. 

When you see the bodies and spirits that leave God and the Lord 
and head toward death in the spiritual world, 
they are like people who are being swept away by a torrent 
or who are carrying heavy loads on their shoulders. 
So no matter what they obtain, they feel empty, drained, and worn out. 
They don’t have joy and they feel agony. 
When living this kind of life, there is no eternal hope for the spirit 
even after the body finishes its life in this world. 
If a human being fails to take care of ‘the matter of saving themselves’ 
which is the first thing they must take care of in their life, 
both their body and spirit go to death and dwell there.

When I ended today’s predawn prayer, the Holy Son said,  
“There is something more valuable, meaningful, and important to human beings 
than having a hundred 120-story buildings. 
It is to live believing in and serving God the Creator and truly believing in and loving Me, the Holy Son. 
But people live their lives without knowing this precious fact.” 
If a person owns a hundred 120-story buildings in the world, they are a truly remarkable person. 
However, even if they have that much wealth, 
if they live without believing in God and Me, the Holy Son according to Their Word, 
their spirit will end up going to the world of eternal suffering--Hell. 
Therefore, everything they have in the world becomes nothing in the end. 
On the other hand, even if a person doesn’t possess such buildings in the world, 
if they live believing in God and the Lord and obeying Their Word, 
their spirit will go to Heaven and they will live forever in the house the Lord prepares for them, 
with Heaven as the landscape in the background. 
So, can that be compared to having a hundred 120-story buildings in the world? 
When those who live their lives loving and serving God, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit are saved, 
they will live eternally enjoying everything that is in Heaven. 

The first thing that a human being must do after being born 
is to worship and love God the Creator, to believe in and love the Lord, 
and to live listening to His Word. 
Human beings must, first, be saved. 
We must live our lives having been saved, then all our hard work won’t be in vain. 

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