An automated life
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<An  automated life>

One day, because I went to sleep late, I was tired and even though I opened my eyes at predawn, 
I did not get up right away but got up a little late.
At that moment, the Holy Son showed me myself holding a gun. 
When I looked at the gun, it was not an automatic rifle that fires bullets in rapid succession 
but a ‘manual rifle’ that must be reloaded with a bullet each time. 
The Holy Son said to me, 
“Considering what kind of time this is, why do you still have a manual rifle?”
Because I did not get up even though I had opened my eyes at the right time at the predawn prayer time,
the Holy Son showed me my actions in a parable as a ‘manual rifle’ and made me realize as He told me, 
“Your actions are like this.
If your enemies have automatic rifles that fire bullets in rapid succession while you have a manual rifle,
how will you defeat your enemies?” 
Then He said in addition, “When you open your eyes at the predawn, 
you should immediately get up, wash, pray, and receive the Word. Then [you are] like an ‘automatic rifle.’ 
No matter what people are doing, the person who takes action immediately at the right time 
is a life that is like an ‘automatic rifle.’”
At this, I promised Him saying, 
“When I open my eyes at predawn, I will get up immediately like an ‘automatic rifle!’”

God and the Holy Spirit both said, 
“Be ‘a person who lives automatically’ like an automatic machine.”
What kind of a person is someone who does things automatically?
Someone who takes action right on time like a clock 
is a person who does things automatically and thus, ’a person who lives an automated life.’
When you look at the principle behind automatic machines, 
the machines’ mechanisms themselves are made to perform specific movements automatically 
to achieve a specific purpose.
Therefore, they are more intricate than regular machines 
and when the power cord is plugged in and [the run] switch is pressed, 
they respond on their own and run and operate automatically. 
In the same way, if you want to become ‘someone who takes action automatically,’ you must be detailed,
and you must respond and take action automatically whenever God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord speak. 

Automatic machines activate and operate automatically whenever [the run] switch is pressed. 
It is the principle of one part moving and causing another part to move.
The same is true for people - they must do ① in order for them to do ②. 
Then ③ will be activated 
and they become automatic lives that run continually [one after the other in sequence].   
In other words, it means that you have to do one particular part 100% in order for you to do another part 
and then as a result, you are able to continue and take action automatically on other things too.  
With an automatic machine once it is plugged in and [the run] switch is pressed, 
the machine does its work automatically even without people’s intervention.
In the same way, when a person’s life becomes ‘an automated life,’ 
they are able to do things without difficulty.
If that is the case, what is the switch for a person? 
It is ‘the thoughts.’ The thoughts are ‘the switch.’ 
God created people so that they will automatically take action whenever they think.

God created all creation in heaven and on earth to be ’automatic.’ 
The earth too – it doesn’t move because of man’s involvement. 
It ‘exists on its own’ while spinning automatically on its own. This is ‘the ultimate-level creation.’ 
God created all plants to ‘run automatically on their own’ too. 
When it rains, they automatically suck up the water and automatically absorb the nutrients. 
As a result of that, when the time comes, they produce flowers, 
and when the time comes, they automatically bear fruit and then the fruit grows. 
Animals too – God created them to automatically absorb [the food] when they eat 
and to automatically expel the excrement. 

God created people to be ‘automatic’ too. 
The bodies of people were created to be ‘100% automatic’ centered on ‘the brain’ for the existence of life. 
Therefore, as long as a person is alive, the body parts of people move automatically. 
The body parts of people are themselves ‘automatic.’ 
However, if they are broken down due to pain or sickness, they don’t move automatically. 
Therefore, you have to fix ‘the sick body’ and ‘the sick thoughts.’ 

If you want to live an automatic life, you must work with enthusiasm, you must be diligent, 
you must take action with endurance and persistence, you must be thorough and detailed, 
and you must do 100% of the things you must. 
You have to be at an automated level like an automated constitution, automated life, 
and automated habits, etc. Then it will be easy for you.  
You will become ‘an automatic life’ only if you take action every day. 
A person who can do it sometimes but cannot do it at other times is ‘a manual life.’ 
You must make yourself run automatically 
by being united with the Lord like plugging in the power cord 
and pressing the switch of your thoughts. 
Then you will display your full abilities and perform at your peak, 
the work you do will be easy and comfortable and you will win and be victorious. 
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