Your Contradictions
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<Your Contradictions>

People each have small and big ‘contradictions.’  You must discover them and fix them. 
Discovering your contradictions is truly important work and great realization. 
This is what ‘your own contradictions’ are like: 
it’s like a young person who limps because he is unable to use his leg; 
it’s like being blind in one of your eyes; or it’s like being unable to use one of your arms. 
Also, it’s like a house that leaks when it rains. 
Again, it’s like a person whose stomach cannot digest [food], 
so whenever they eat, their stomach feels heavy and bloated. 
So it’s painful for them, and everyone who sees them also feels pity for them. 
In this way, if you don’t fix your contradictions, you will suffer because of them 
and those who see you will feel sad also. 
Since your heart doesn’t agree with the hearts of those who don’t have contradictions, 
you will not be able to work together with them. So you will be left alone. 
As a result, you will be lonely and isolated. 
If you don’t fix your bad character, bad actions, hot temper, and deeply rooted sinful nature, 
everyone will feel burdened and will avoid being close to you.  

You must realize, discover, and fix your contradictions. 
You yourself don’t really know [the contradictions] 
because they have become habits, routines, and [part of your] everyday life. 
The Word is ‘light.’ So if you listen to the perfect Word of God and the Lord, 
you will be able know and realize your dark side, and you will pray to fix them.
Your contradictions belong to you. Your body and heart also belong to you. 
Therefore, you can control your heart, mind, thoughts, and actions however you want. 
So if, through enduring and persevering, you fix yourself, 
you will be able to more than competently fix your contradictions 
and the areas that you are lacking and falling short in.
The more you fix your contradictions, 
the more you will come out of [the state of] being a mental cripple 
and the more you will become perfect. 
God and the Lord tell you through ‘the Word’ to fix your contradictions, 
so you must listen to the Word and fix them when you should fix them. 
If you take action upon hearing ‘the Word,’ power will come, wonders will take place, 
and the diseases of the body and spirit will be healed.

[Your] realization depends on how much you value the Word in your everyday life 
and how much you concentrate your heart, mind, and thoughts. 
It means God created humans in such a way
that things would turn out exactly according to how much human beings make up their minds, 
how much they become alert, how they think, and how they take action. 
Depending on their heart, mind, thoughts, and actions, human beings may live like an animal, 
live like a human being, or live like a god. 
Depending on one’s heart, mind, thoughts, and actions, it goes from extreme to extreme. 
God created human beings in the image and likeness of the Trinity. And human beings have ‘a spirit.’ 
But then, according to their ‘heart and actions,’ they may become like an animal, 
or transform to become like the Divine Being who is the Trinity, or become like a devil of Hell. 

When you have a contradiction, you should immediately fix it 
even if you have to slap yourself hard on the cheek or give yourself some kind of whipping. 
Those who don’t fix their contradictions are disabled people. 
Those who lie, those who are lazy, those who grumble behind others’ backs, 
those who criticize their brothers, those who forcefully control their brothers, 
those who do things centering on themselves, 
those who don’t fix their contradictions and bad characteristics, are handicapped people in faith
—such as cripples, lame, or cross eyes—from a spiritual standpoint. 
They must immediately fix themselves. 

You must fix your contradictions, then both your body and heart will become perfect, 
you won’t clash with others, and you will be with the Lord at all times. 
Only when you fix your contradictions can you climb up to the perfect level. 
Those who have contradictions are like a handicapped person in the mind and in actions.
If you don’t fix the disabled mind and disabled actions, you cannot become the perfect bride of the Lord. 
You must fix them all. 
Those who are handicapped in faith must fix [themselves] on their own 
by listening to the Lord’s Word and by taking action.

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