Realizing is the answer
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<Realizing is the answer>

I was looking for answers to various issues. 
At that time, the Holy Spirit said, 
“There are no special answers for those problems. 
Realizing is the answer. What [I ] made you realize is the answer. 
In order to realize, and focus. You have to try to realize. 
Then you will realize even on your own and receive answers, 
and the Trinity will also make you realize and give you answers.”

People must take action in the course of living their lives. If you sit still, you will gain nothing. 
But problems always arise as long as you take action.   
Therefore, there is no such thing as ‘a life without problems.’
People look for answers about their work or their path of life, and they wonder ‘what they should do.’ 
If you cannot find ‘answers’ at such times, you cannot do it, and even if you take action, you will fail. 
Therefore, ‘answers’ are as valuable as a lump of gold. 
However, those who do not take action even though [the Trinity] made them realize 
are like people who know the answers but don’t even use them. 
If you don’t take action even after you know the answer, 
the problem won’t be resolved, so you will have to live trapped in that problem. 
Realizing is the answer to [all your] diverse problems.
Therefore, you need to always focus on God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son in order to always realize. 

So, how can you receive ‘an answer through a realization?’
God and the Holy Spirit give ‘realizations’ to people’s thoughts and remind them. 
So, at first, you might think to yourself, ‘Is this my own thought?’
Therefore, at that time, you need to converse with Them right away, pray, and ask Them. 
You will also be able to discern whether it is your own thought or a realization from the Trinity 
when you look at the content of your realization. 
When They give you answers through realization,
They make you realize by ‘inspiring’ you through the Holy Spirit,
They make you realize through ‘creation,’ 
and They make you realize especially while They are giving ‘the Word.’
When you need the answer right away, [the Trinity] make you realize directly, 
so, pray that you will always realize, 
and you should converse with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son.  

Imagine how joyful and happy you would be if you know the answers when taking an exam.
However, if you don’t take action even after being given the answers,
you will continue to live bound by problems, and hope will not be fulfilled.
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord, who know each person’s problems,
have given the answers so that each person can realize.
However, those who don’t take action continue to live struggling in the midst of problems.
You should take action immediately when you realize. Then it will be resolved! 
If you do it late, you will forget your realization from your memory. 
If that happens, you will end up unable to do it.
When you realize or when something comes to mind, you should do it immediately. 
Then the memory will not disappear, and the problem will be solved through taking action.

The same is true when managing lives, [deciding] your future path, 
and dealing with church issues, individual issues, family issues, and financial issues. 
If God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord give answers so that you will realize, 
you should act immediately when you are inspired, when it comes to mind, 
and when it is still in your memory. Only then will [the problem] be resolved.
The same is true with restraining yourself from doing what you should not do. 
If you have received the ‘answer to not do it’ through a realization, 
you should immediately obey. Then you will be able to control yourself.
Those who don’t do it don’t do it even when they are given ‘answers’ so that they will realize. 
Consequently, they face problems, get hurt, suffer.

If you receive the ‘answer that let you realize,’ you have to treat it like ‘a nugget of pure gold.’
If your perception and perspective are elsewhere, 
you will not know even if God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord give you answers to let you realize.
In that case, They will let you realize secretly through a ‘person next to you.’
The predawn is the ‘opportune time to realize and receive answers through prayer.’ 
Therefore, you have to wake the dawn at all costs, pray, and realize!
Realizing is the ‘answer!’ The Holy Spirit always inspires and helps along with the Lord’s spirit.
Therefore, everyone should petition to realize the answer from the Holy Spirit and the Lord, 
and take action after receiving it; then things will work out.

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