The most precious and expensive item
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<The most precious and expensive item>

With people, even if it is something they did because they wanted it and liked it, 
when time passes, they grow to dislike it and regret it.  
Even though they did it because they liked it, they wonder, 
“Why did I do this? Why did I love this person? Why did I buy this?”
This happens because people are limited and thus, cannot see far ahead.
Also, this happens because human beings are beings with physical bodies 
and thus, they judge by physical thoughts. 
Therefore, as time passes, both their thoughts and the time period change. 

As for the work you did because God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son told you to, 
whether it is a small task or a big task, it is satisfying and joyful from start to finish.  
Why would that be? 
It is because the Trinity choose things and take action while thinking far ahead.
Additionally, it is because the Trinity are eternal and carry out history continually. 
Thus, the satisfaction and the joy also last forever.
Even if it is something small,
what you gained from taking action together with the Trinity on what they told you to do 
brings satisfaction, joy, love, and the ideal world as more and more time passes.  
It is because that is the work that the Trinity did and therefore, the Trinity continues to make history on it
even though human limitations have been reached.
Even if it was the same work, ‘whatever you did by yourself alone’ 
will end shortly after you are joyful by yourself alone 
and you will regret it and sell it off because there is no story behind it. 

Objects that were used by kings or great men of old are expensive and considered important 
because there are deep stories behind them. 
How much more valuable is something that is received from God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son 
than objects that were once used by worldly kings or great people!
Paintings drawn by artists of old too 
- they are worth only a few dozen USD or a few hundred USD during their lifetimes 
but when time passes, they are worth as much as ten million USD, twenty million USD, 
one hundred million USD, or four hundred million USD.
Their worth is not the price of the paintings themselves. It is a ploy to make a painting world famous. 
It is a way to make people think that a painting was done well because it is expensive. 
Whether it is clothing, buildings, or artworks, 
when they are expensive, people consider them to be that much greater.  
Would God consider them that expensive too? 
Would their value rival a painting that is made according to God’s instructions? 
When I went to Heaven and looked, ‘a drawing that was made according to God’s design and instructions’ 
was worth ‘hundreds of trillions’ in terms of worldly money.  
Painting that used to cost hundreds of millions of USD in the world were not even present in Heaven.
The Almighty God’s appraisal is ‘the perfect appraisal.’ 
The most uncertain thing in the world is the value of artworks. 
Even though they are not worth that much money in reality, 
one that is worth a thousand USD is priced at ten thousand USD 
and one that is worth a hundred thousand USD is priced at a million USD.
When examined deeply, they neither have that kind of value nor a back-story.
The most expensive item is ‘an artwork that God made through a person’ 
and ‘an artwork that God made through nature.’

When [a person] looked at some fish. 
The fish considered a crevice under a certain rock like it was a palace 
and were fighting over it as if it was worth hundreds of millions of USD. 
Because they were fighting over it so terribly, a person made a better spot next to it. 
Yet, the fish considered that spot to be just ordinary. 
The crevice under a rock that the fish considered to be so valuable 
was worthy just ‘a few dozen USD’ in People’s view.
In reality, the place made for them by a person was worth ‘thousands of USD.’
What God sees and what people see are like that too. 
The difference between what a person made and what God made by taking action 
is like the difference between heaven and earth.
God said that ‘the difference between human beings’ thoughts and My thoughts 
is the difference between heaven and earth.” 
People commonly think that heaven is where planes fly, where the clouds are floating, 
or where the sun and the moon are suspended. 
Heaven from God’s point of view refers to [a place that is at] a distance of more than 150 billion years 
even at the speed of light.
That’s how much higher God’s thoughts are compared to ‘the thoughts of human beings.’ 

‘God’s thoughts‘ are extremely high, ‘the work God did’ is precious, 
and ‘the artwork that God made by personally taking action’ is precious and expensive.
Try continually doing the work that God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son want 
and the work of loving God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son.
You will be so happy and joyful saying 
that you have done well for your body’s lifetime and for your soul and spirit’s eternity
and will enjoy it forever while loving the Trinity. 

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