Improvement of physical constitution
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<Improvement of physical constitution>

Even though we, as human beings, make up our minds to do something 
and we desire to do it, hope for it, and really want to do it, 
there is a reason why we can’t put it into practice as we would like to. 
The Lord gave us the answer. 
The Lord said, “If you do first what must be done first, you can do it.”
What must be done first is this: improving the physical dispositions, habits, and behaviors 
that are [deeply] embedded in our bodies. This is called ‘improving physical constitution.’

In the past, there was a man in my hometown.
I talked with that man from when I was an elementary school child. 
He blinked his eyes five to six times in an instant. So I asked him, “Sir, why? Why did you wink at me?” 
He said, “Blinking my eyes became a habit since I was young. 
Now, it has become my physical constitution, so it doesn’t really bother me.”
People around him told him many times to fix his blinking habit, 
but he wasn’t able to fix it until even the day of his death. 
If he had fixed it right after [he started it,] it would have been fixed. 
But he couldn’t fix it [later] because it became a part of his physical constitution. 

Once [a certain action or thought] becomes your physical constitution or the constitution of your heart, 
you keep doing it throughout your daily life. 
For this reason, even if you hear the Lord’s Word, your spirit is affected exactly by [how] your body [is]; 
hence you are unable to change properly. 
Human beings have to improve their physical constitution in order to act as they wish. 
Otherwise, no matter how much they make up their mind, 
or how many promises they make to the Lord while praying, they are unable to take action successfully. 
As a result, they continually lose heart. 
A man whose constitution was formed by always walking and hardly running 
thought that he could run a long-distance track race when he heard about the event. 
But even though he might be able to run a few laps on a sports field, 
it would be impossible for his physical constitution to run ten or twenty laps. 
No matter how determined he might be, it would be impossible for him to run it [completely]. 
It was because he had not made his body conditioned to run a long distance. 
First, you should change and improve your physical constitution. 
Next you must change the constitution of your heart 
and fix all of your bad habits, mannerisms, and personality. 

If a person conditions their body with drinking and smoking, 
their body becomes addicted to alcohol and tobacco. 
Then even when they fall ill, 
they have to drink and smoke repeatedly for their hearts to feel good and relieved initially. 
Narcotics or stimulants also become a disposition of the consumer’s body when they are taken repeatedly;
so they can’t help but take the substances even if it is harmful to their bodies. 
Even if people do not drink, smoke, or use drugs or stimulants, 
they are addicted to the things that they like. 
Those things have become the dispositions of their bodies, personalities, and hearts.
Tendencies to fight, to slander, to be greedy, and to be envious and jealous of other people’s success; 
inclinations toward money, laziness, reckless speech, tendencies to live freely without believing in God; 
and tendencies of doing things incompletely and halfheartedly. 
Unless you fix all these constitutions of your heart and action, you won’t be able to succeed in life 
and your bodies and spirits won’t be able to come out of the domain of death 
and the eternal world of darkness. 

The Lord said.
“Fixing your physical constitution is like restructuring a car into another model. 
Fixing the dispositions of the heart, mentality, and thoughts 
is like deleting the car’s existing program and installing a new program to operate the [restructured] vehicle.
Just as you warm yourself up before swimming, 
be sure to improve your physical constitution before carrying out a task. 
Once you have reformed your physical constitution, reforming your heart is easy. 
After you have improved your physical constitution and reformed your heart, 
it becomes easy to obey My Word. 
From then on, you will be taking action automatically, like a machine. 
In order to become an athlete, a person must exercise a lot 
and make their heart and body into an athletic constitution. 
In order to become a farmer and live on farming, 
a person must make their physical constitution into a farming constitution. 
In order to live on fishing, a person must make their physical constitution into a fishing constitution. 
They have to become disposed to overcoming rough winds and waves and to not get sea sick. 
They have to make their heart in that way also. You should make yourself while taking action. 
Once you change your constitution in this way, you can do whatever your heart desires 
and you will be able to take action with nothing being impossible for you. 
Everyone, better your constitutions so that your body will quickly take action according to your heart’s desire.”

We need to become accustomed to taking action in order to do what we couldn’t do before 
and in order for our dispositions to change so that we will be able to act as our hearts desire. 
Even though you make promises to the Lord and confess your love to Him, 
and even though your heart [truly] desires it, you’re not able to follow it up with action. 
It doesn’t work well from the beginning. 
But do not give up. Get used to repeatedly doing it and change your constitution in that way. 
Improve your physical constitution, mental constitutionand the constitution of your heart 
through the Lord’s methods. 
Then you will be able to take action immediately as you make up your mind. 

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