In the place where stress is, there is ‘a golden egg!’
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<In the place where stress is, there is ‘a golden egg!’>

As you live your life, there are ‘people who cause you worries and torment.’
There are times when you should solve it by confronting them. 
However, there are more times when you should solve it by thinking about God, 
and by thinking about other things.
If you keep thinking about the person who causes you worries and torment 
and keep paying attention to that, your life will be painful and difficult. 
You must forget such things from your thoughts 
and live being on fire with ‘thoughts of other things’ and taking action in that time.
If you forget the person who causes you worries and torment from your ‘thoughts,’  
it will be over.
And if you do the work you should do while earnestly asking God, 
you will sometimes even gain ‘better things’ as a result. 
If you keep paying attention to it, ‘stress’ will build up in your brain and heart.

Some people are stressed by ‘the weather.’ 
Try dealing with the weather like ‘a lover’ and treating it with delight and joy!
When it rains, you should say, ‘my lover, the rain’; when it is windy, ‘my lover as cool as the wind’; 
when the weather is hot, ‘my extremely passionate lover’; 
when the weather is cold, ‘my joltingly cold lover’; 
- I hope that you will do that and give thanks to God. 
If you do, your ‘heart’ will change and the ‘situation’ will change.   

Stress causes people to get upset, irritated, and angry. 
Sometimes ‘people’ give you stress but sometimes ‘God’ gives you stress.
Why would He do that? 
He is manipulating the situation so that you will get angry and leave there.
If you don’t leave that place, you have to continually live there with ‘the person who gives you stress.’
Therefore, I want you to see what comes if you leave because of that stress.
God uses ‘stress’ to cause you to change directions 
and makes you meet ‘the person you wanted and longed for’ 
or lets you make ‘what you wanted and longed for’ and celebrate with joy.   

Sometimes ‘what you want’ will gently~ come to you as a result of stress.
At Moses’ time, the Israelites were under tremendous stress caused by being servants in Egypt. 
Therefore, being unable to endure any longer there, they left Egypt following Moses. 
With that as the motivation, they ultimately went to ‘the land of their ancestors, 
the blessed land of Canaan that was flowing with milk and honey.
When the Catholic Church persecuted and oppressed the Puritans, 
the Puritans moved away to America, the new land. 
There, they found religious freedom and made a new world!

I was stressed because I didn’t get healed even though I prayed thousands of times for my health. 
However, as a result of that, I started to exercise 
and mastered many healing methods that heal diseases of the mind. 
I too – because I was stressed, I exercised and ran 8000 ri (1952 miles). 
As a result of doing that, my overall health improved and I became more youthful. 
If I had tried to heal the illness by praying, only that illness would have been healed 
and I would have continued to weaken and age because I would have failed to manage my entire body.
God did not heal me of a certain illness even after I prayed tens of thousands of times. 
But when I exercised, my entire body became strong like steel and the illness was also cured. 

You have to ‘take action’ knowing God’s Will and heart. Then you will be cured. 
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son give us ‘better things’ and do better things for us.
In the place where stress is, there is ‘a golden egg!’
Therefore, I hope you to not just be immersed in stress but earnestly ask God as a result of that 
and gain the golden eggs of blessings such as a golden egg of missions, 
a golden egg of the Will, and a golden egg of work to do!

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