The value of the eternal world
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<The value of the eternal world>

Whoever they may be, people need to have a definite purpose in order to get to their destination. 
If we live without a purpose, even a day’s living would be meaningless, unrewarding, and worthless, 
and we wouldn’t be satisfied for having fulfilled our hopes no matter what we do. 
If we set a purpose only for the physical life on earth, 
which is like nothing more than a consumable object, 
our lives would be such a waste. It would be too meaningless. 
Since we [have to] toil and live [through] suffering anyway, 
we need to make our lives eternally profitable by including a spiritual life. 
Then, our lives will be eternally valuable, and we will not be empty or miserable. 

To live an eternal life, 
you need to be associated with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son who are eternal 
and live a life of being one with them. 
With our bodies, we need to follow the Will of the One who is eternal, do what He wants, 
and live putting His Word to practice with all our hearts. 
Through that, our spirits will absorb all the righteous deeds of the body, 
transform into heavenly spiritual form, be reborn, 
and once the body has lived out its lifespan, we will go to heaven. 
Have you ever thought about the eternal world, and about God who is everlasting? 
Do you know how great eternity is? 
No matter how much we love a person, 
they will change after a year or two and as time passes by, and we will [also] age in life. 
And then, not even reaching 100 years, the body will die and disappear. So how empty that is! 
With God, His beauty never fades, and He never ages. 
He created ‘the spirit’ which is an entity that can live for eternity in the eternal world. Isn’t that great? 
The only eternal world that never ages or dies is the kingdom of heaven. 
It is only Heaven and Paradise. So what a great and hope-filled world that is. 
Heaven and Paradise are worlds that exist for eternity. 
And the spirits of those who go there will exist forever. 
But the spirits of those who went to other spiritual realms other than Heaven and Paradise 
are considered to be dead, even if they exist and live 
because they live in the domain of darkness and death. 
The spirits who are in Hell, Abyss, Hades, and in the domain of death 
are considered to be in eternal death. 

I always think about God who is eternal and I’m so thankful.
Even if Heaven is made from shiny jewels 
and all the things that people want, everything would be meaningless 
if God, the Holy Spirit, and  the Holy Son were not eternal but could only exist for 10 billion years, 
and if Heaven could only last for 10 billion years. It’s great because it is eternal. 
100 years of life seems like a long time at first, but after living our lives, we find that it ends one day. 
No matter how long a time is given, it will be meaningless if it ends at one point. 
It must be eternal. Then it will not be meaningless. 
I realized this and I was thankful and grateful. 
I prayed, “God, I am so glad because there is You, who are eternal. 
If I weren’t a person bound for heaven, I wouldn’t be interested in eternal things, 
but because the kingdom which I will go to exists eternally, 
and because You, the essence of that world, exist eternally, I am so happy. I am so thankful and grateful.”

I studied philosophy in my early teens and thought this, 
“It is so meaningless that people live and die like the rest of creation. Would there be a way to not die? 
Why would God, who created human beings, make us die of old age at a time 
when we would have earned some money and built a nice house to live in?
Why did he set such a short time for a lifespan? 100 years is too short. 
We are human beings that God created 
but [how long] we live well and enjoy life is too short compared [how long] we struggle.” 
But I couldn’t find a clear and refreshing answer. 
I prayed after that, and during the time I was learning the deep words of truth from the Lord for 20 years, 
He taught me about life and then I was able to know clearly. 
The Lord showed me the spiritual world and taught me, 
“God did not create people to center only on the physical body. 
He created the physical body [for the sake of the spirit,] so that the spirit can live forever. 
His purpose was for people to seek and come to the eternal world 
while they live 100 years of their life on earth, 
and He gave the sufficient [amount of] time [for mankind], which is 100 years.”
Therefore, I came to know that God set the lifespan of the physical body on earth to be short, 
and I realized deeply that with that body, I must put the Lord’s words to practice 
and make my spirit go to the eternal Kingdom. 
And with this, the Lord guided my path of life all the more, 
and helped me to live for the eternal path of life following the Lord. 

Especially recently, I thought more about God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son who are eternal 
and their eternal existence, and I was happy and thankful. 
Then this morning, the Lord said, 
“Don’t ever forget the hope of the eternal world of Heaven. 
If the spiritual world you go to exists and ends only up to a certain point, 
there will also be limitations on hope and expectations. 
God is eternal, so all things are also eternal.”

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