The inspiration in the Heart
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<The inspiration in the Heart>

This Trinity works mainly in the following several ways.
The methods they use the most when they work on people 
is that they do things by inspiring the people’s hearts.
[The Trinity] mostly does things by inspiring people’s hearts. 
Many of you must have realized and experienced a lot of things in the following way: 
You did something because you were moved in your heart all of sudden 
or unexpectedly without knowing why, and then you realized later on, 
‘It was the Lord’s will. The Holy Spirit moved me and God guided me with His power.’ 

The Lord inspired my heart so that I could do things according to the Lord’s desired Will at each moment. 
Because my heart was moved, my body was also moved in the direction that my thoughts were moving
-just like when a car starts, it moves in the direction that it is steered. 
On top of this, they did one more thing. 
It was that they set the right circumstances while they inspired my heart at the same time. 
The Lord made ways for me.   
Unless the right circumstances are set, you can’t do the work even if you are moved to do it 
because you’d be bound by problems with the environment and [other] circumstances. 
If ‘inspiration’ is likened to a car, ‘conditions/circumstances’ are likened to its path. 
Conditions mean certain problems are [already] solved. 
The Trinity inspire you for things that they have a Will for 
and provide conditions so that problems can be resolved. 

Even if we have to leave that spot quickly because we are in danger, 
there are times when we may be moved but not big enough to shock our hearts. 
Instead it may come as a slight urgency of lukewarm inspiration, “I want to get out of here.” 
If inspirations came powerfully, everyone would have avoided and escaped accidents. 
So I asked the Holy Son. 
When it comes to matters that involve death, and what the Lord wants and what we must do, 
why does an inspiration of the heart arrive lukewarm like a light breeze 
or like the tip of a tree that moves only slightly by the wind?  
If he were to give an inspiration, why can’t he strike our hearts as thunder would strike 
or as the ground would tremble during an earthquake? 
Why does he tease us and [just] give us an inspiration 
like someone drawing a spoonful of water from a huge well and leave us to get into accidents and die? 
Why does he make us wonder, “Is this God’s inspiration?” 
and eventually leave us to suffer harm because we were unable to follow the inspiration?    
“Since only a tiny amount of inspiration is given, 
people don’t follow their inspirations because they wonder if it’s their own thoughts 
or one of the effects of the brain,” I told him. 
The Lord did not answer me right away. 
Only after I prayed for a long time and after making me go through it myself he said,
“Even if God were to give them powerful inspirations, 
unless they pay attention to them, and pray and focus their minds on them, 
they will only feel weak inspirations. 
Let’s say you are driving, and you are talking a lot caught up with a certain issue. 
If you pay attention only to what you are saying rather than driving, 
even if a car next to you honks and approaches you, you won’t know until they actually crash into your car. 
If you are not mindful, in whatever the case may be, you will remain unaware
and you will just let it pass by even if you see it or hear it, and even if you are strongly inspired. 
Even though the Trinity works and give inspirations in our hearts, 
we don’t know it because we don’t pay attention to [inspirations].
It’s because people are indifferent that they don’t see or hear them. 
In addition, if you do things according to your own thoughts and heart, 
you will be confused and you won’t be able to recognize an inspiration even if you receive one.
Therefore, the Lord said, 
“Always be awake and pray, focus on the Lord’s inspiration every day and live your life on alert.
Make sure to do it when I give you an inspiration.”

Before something happens, you get into accidents or face death, 
before something good happens or before harm comes upon you, 
the Trinity  always give inspirations to people they love, 
make them hear a voice, or show visions, or give natural revelations through creation.  
The Lord said, 
“You don’t pay attention to the inspirations I give 
and you live your life mindlessly even if you’ve learned about all this. 
That is why you only feel the inspirations I give you faintly like waves of a calm lake. 
You need to make your mind spiritual by always praying 
so that the inspirations will come to you like waves of a sea.”
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